FTTC – Fibre to the Cabinet

What is FTTC – Fibre to the Cabinet?

Fibre to the cabinet refers to BT’s next generation network which offers faster download and upload speeds via fibre optic cabling. FTTC brings more capacity by connecting your local exchange to the nearest “cabinet” by fibre optic cables instead of copper.

This brings faster speeds to your local cabinet which will usually be within 300m of your premises. The last part of the journey is made via your existing copper cable but, because it is just a short hop, there is little loss of speed meaning that download of 40mbps and upload of 10mbps are achievable.

Because existing cables are used into your premises, the cost of fibre to the cabinet is very reasonable. There is usually a small connection charge, plus the cost of a new router which will better handle the FTTC service.

After this the monthly charge depends upon your usage. There are a variety of packages available and each provider will have their own variations making direct comparison difficult.

Enhanced care levels and SLAs are available in support of your new service for a small extra charge.

To see if FTTC is available in your area or to discuss pricing please contact us.

Other data solutions

At 21C we offer a range of data services to cover all bases. From simple ADSL broadband through to Ethernet Leased Lines.

We can put together the correct package for your business requirements which can cover a single office or multiple locations nationwide. Utilising any or all of our core data products, working together to provide the optimum business data solution.

A review of your current data products may be advisable, particularly in light of the new, faster products coming to market in recent months. We can undertake this free of charge and provide a report detailing the options available and how they could help your business.

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