The benefits of Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) is the merging of your mobiles and landlines, your voice and data, to provide seamless communication across all channels.

As a business owner/decision maker you don’t need to know how the technology works, your real interest is going to be in the benefits that UC can bring to your company in terms of savings and efficiencies.

A unified communication solution routes calls quicker to the right person. This means improved response times and first contact resolution. This type of skills-based routing results in fewer transfers between staff and thus increases productivity.

It also provides your customers with a better experience leading to improved customer retention and repeat business.

Empower your mobile workforce

Being mobile does not just mean being out of the office, it can also mean being away from your desk. Presence features let other staff know whether you are active, busy or free.

The ability to access business applications anywhere, whether in the car, train or overseas, can make a big difference to the amount of work that can be done in a working day.

UC can deliver an effective remote working strategy allowing hot desking, virtual call cantres and seamless connection between home and office.

The benefits of a hosted solution

A unified communication solution can be hosted in the cloud. This makes capital investment minimal (you may only require a few specialist handsets) and gives you a flexible and scalable system.

It is always up-to-date utilising the latest technologies. It allows your business to stay ahead of the curve with new applications, annual upgrades and patches all being administered remotely.

It does require a robust IT structure, which we will supply as part of a UC solution, with failover and backup options as standard to keep you working in the event of an outage.

Unified Communication pricing

With all of the benefits that Unified Communications brings to business users it would be obvious to think it is going to be expensive. This is not the case and affordable solutions are available for small businesses, even for one-man operations.

Long term the savings for your company could be huge but even in the short term you will find an excellent ROI. Let us show you exactly how your business could benefit from a unified communication solution with a detailed, fully costed, review.

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